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Thin Chalkboard-Like Material?

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    Has anyone ever seen this stuff? In class the other day one of my professors moved the sliding chalkboards around to reveal the behind-most chalkboard. As he was writing/erasing you could see the board ripple suggesting it was made from a much thinner than normal chalkboard.

    I am getting sick of my whiteboard not erasing and like chalk better, so I was thinking of sticking this stuff over my current whiteboard.

    Where does one locate such a product?
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    Something thin painted with blackboard paint?
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    Ah...I bet it's that contact paper stuff. Anyone used it?

    I tried roll on blackboard paint over particle board and it didn't erase very well. That's why I ended up with the whiteboard.

    I might get that contact paper and stick it over my whiteboard. I also thought about spraying it with that spray paint chalkboard stuff, but with how my roll on project turned out, I don't know if I'd want to try it again.
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