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Thin-film UV solar experiment

  1. Jan 21, 2009 #1
    I am working up the details on an experiment involving the same UV-sensitive substance found in thin-film transparent solar panels. What I would like to do is embed the UV-sensitive substance into the transparent skin of a microcapsule. The microcapsule would be no more than 100 microns in diameter, and the skin thickness would be 3-5 microns. Inside the microcapsule would be a clear solution with a low dielectric constant (to be determined) and several small particles (5-10 microns in diameter) with a positive charge. The idea is that the UV-sensitive substance in the skin of the microcapsule would react to direct UV exposure and produce enough of a negative charge to attract the particles inside. Ideally, the portion of the microcapsule directly facing the UV source would produce the strongest attraction, so the particles inside would essentially track with the direction of the UV source.

    I need to flesh this idea out a lot more before I begin my project, but I'm not sure what to research next. Any suggestions?
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