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Homework Help: Thin films

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    Hello, I really need help on this question,

    the wave travels normal to a thin plate made of N thin parallel layers of thickness d1,d2.....dN and refractive indices n1,n2...nN, Ignore all the reflactions ,what is the complex ( which I thought transmittane is always real )transmittance of the plate ?

    Each of layers having different d and n confuces me, I dont know how to find the matrix for each? M1.M2.M3....MN=M so that I can reach the answer.

    Any help ?

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    I'm not really familiar with matrix represntations for energy losses. Would you know how to do this for a single layer? I suspect that the word complex might only be referring to the multiple layers of film rather than comlex numbers. Optical systems with multiple elements are often referred to as complex systems. Using this language, M would be the "complex" matrix that combines the effect of all the other Ms.
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