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Things I hate

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    (a) Telephone Poles. I really, really hate telephone poles. They are abhorrently ugly. Every time I drive down the road- wires, wires, wires. Everywhere wires!

    I live way too close to a major city for there to be wires everywhere. The water is under the ground in pipes, why does the power lines have to be above ground? They get hit by lightening during rain and cause the power to go out. They cost money because the county has to cut the trees so they don't grow into the power lines. They total your car when you hit one.


    BAH! Wires, WIRES! BAH UGH!

    Contrast that with downtown DC, which rarely has telephone poles


    Despite being in a major city, the sky seems less obstructed with wires everywhere.

    I'd cut down every last one if I could.

    Do you have lots of telephone poles where you live? Why? Isnt this America in the year 2009?

    I have found that I really like the country, or the city. I hate the inbetween suburbs. It's a half assed version of each with strip malls.

    Which leads me to the second thing I hate, strip malls!!

    http://i.treehugger.com/files/dunnfoundation.jpg [Broken]

    Wires and strip malls! double fail! Is there no such thing as city planning? It looks like a 3rd world slum. All you need to do is add shanty houses around the periphery and you're in downtown Rio de Janeiro.
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    Man, I hate people who hate something and want to talk about it. But it'd rather not tell you about it.
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    Have you ever noticed how posts like the one above make you want to kill the poster? I've been around for a long time but that's one lousy post. What ever happened to the good ole days when people put more thought behind posts?
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    BTW, it's true, DC sucks with all those wires ! Here we have trees, cows, fresh air... We don't even have electricity. I have to run a bicycle anytime I want to read you Cyrus, this how much I love you.
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    http://www.esquire.com/cm/esquire/images/john-mclaughlin-WI-0209-lg-55962253.jpg [Broken]

    WRONG! The anwser is: DC doesn't have telephone poles.

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    that was before internet, with regular mail.
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    I hate light pollution.

    Earth at night 2000

    http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/61/Flat_earth_night.png [Broken]
    earth at night 2007
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    where I live, just the desert and my beloved camel to get me where ever I want.
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    Africa sucks. They have two lightbulbs for the whole continent! (I think those pictures look nice though)
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    Are you kidding? Telephone poles are the only thing there is to stop the cars from going over the cliffs when they skid on ice in winter here! :biggrin:

    Actually, it rather depends which neighborhood you're in around here. Slowly, they're burying the cables, and I live in a development where everything was put in underground. But, there are some areas where they probably will never be able to do that because of too much rock instead of soil. It seems to get done when they need to dig up the roads for something else, like putting in city sewer to a neighborhood or replacing water mains, or when a road gets expanded since they have to move the poles then anyway.
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    PH2008070201580.jpg http://img193.imageshack.us/img193/8582/poles.png [Broken]

    After editing. I took out the wires, and replaced the traffic lights with metal supports that are actually in other parts of this same road.

    Wow, so thats what the sky looks like, and how not to make ur city look like a slum.
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    Are you a kind of magician ? Can you bring the wires out here, just to check how it looks ?
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    Fascinating images. I already had the 2000 one but not the new 2007 image. At first it looks like the city lights are exactly the same in 2007, but after adjusting the color balance I can see that there is more illumination coming out of most of the big cities.

    The big difference you really notice, though, is all the melted ice caps. Not only can you see the ice receding, but you can also see the water level around parts of the coastline and lakes rising. I've made an animated gif for visual comparison:

    http://img189.imageshack.us/img189/4547/2000vs2007.gif [Broken]
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    I think that's actually an artifact. Possibly different atmospheric conditions but when I first saw it I was thinking that it looked like the major reason for the difference between the two was a greater time elapse in the second image. That would explain the increased light and brightness, the added detail to certain countries and in the oceans, aswell as the lack of cloudy areas which you seem to be interpreting as ice. If it were ice we would be talking about hundreds or thousands of miles* of ice receding in a matter of seven years.

    Edit: You'll note that there is a similar cloudy area over northern africa which I don't think is known for its glaciers.

    Edit2: *That is to say square miles in total.
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