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Things It Takes Most Of Us 50 years to learn

  1. Jul 18, 2005 #1
    !!Things It Takes Most Of Us 50 years to learn!!

    Originally created by Dave Barry

    Add your own experiences......starting with Number.17 , lets see till what number we can go.

    I'm unable to find a Dave Barry owned website to link, so in the interrim I've added quote tags. Please do not post copyrighted material.

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    17. People can try to justify any crime that they just committed

    18. Love triumphs over everything for some reason

    19. Some people really dont "believe" in math

    20. Your pathetic life is not the target of any massive conspiracies contrary to popular belief
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    Your boss all ways, "thinks", he is right.
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    22. Never go to your boss with a problem until you have a solution you can let him claim as his own.
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    23. somehow, if ronco makes it, they'll earn money for it
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    24. No matter how poor people are or how much debt they have, they can always afford trips to the casino

    25. Teachers make educators look bad
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    Ivan Seeking

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    26. Never eat beans if you plan to wear thermal underwear.
  9. Jul 18, 2005 #8
    27. Youth is wasted on the young.
    28. You do not need to drive 80mph.
  10. Jul 18, 2005 #9
    29. The great question of youth,
    is that you question
    the time spent by a thousand fools.

    30. As you grow older, you'll find the only things you regret are the things
    you didn't do.

    31. Be happy while you're living, for you're a long time dead.

    32. It is not in You, but in myself, that I find all that I see in you.
  11. Jul 18, 2005 #10
    There is NO difference between coke and pepsi

    if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is

    the only thing that changes with each james bond movie is the girl
  12. Jul 18, 2005 #11


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    How can you say theres no difference!?
  13. Jul 18, 2005 #12
    36 That its still fun to drive over 80
    37 Both Coke and Pepsi give you heartburn
    38 Buy thermal underwear with "backdoors"
  14. Jul 18, 2005 #13
    27, 30, 31.... so so true. i'm just learning that now; i'm already 24 & don't really have many stories to tell. makes me think of pink floyd's time:
  15. Jul 19, 2005 #14
    40. Wisdom is getting old and still believing you dont know anything yet.
  16. Jul 19, 2005 #15
    41. We will die
  17. Jul 19, 2005 #16
    42. There is no life after death.
  18. Jul 19, 2005 #17
    43. If you can't change it, don't worry about it.
    44. Don't ask "Why should I?" ask instead "Why shouldn't I?"
    45. 'Music' is getting worse.
  19. Jul 19, 2005 #18
    46. Majority of the turns you took in your life were 360 degrees.
  20. Jul 19, 2005 #19
    47. Learn the difference to what you want and what you need.
  21. Jul 19, 2005 #20


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    48. even if you believe there's no life after death, take the precautions neccesary, just in case there is.
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