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Things that make you want to cry

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    Makes me want to laugh!!
    Dumbass was probably driving it like he was on the Autobahn.
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    That's a No Parking Zone.
    I wonder if he got a ticket.
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    If he crashed into that cool panel truck in the background, THAT would make me want to cry. And kick his A$$!
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    Is that a stolen car, or did the driver just punch the gas a little too much and lose control. It looks like skid marks on the road, so he must have been going at a good clip to jump the curb.
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    http://www.kmj580.com/articles/images/inauguration.jpg [Broken]
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    My first reaction were:
    Then one_raven's comment made me smile a bit.

    That is a Lamborghini Murcielago (definitely can't spell Italian well), well over $375,000, not to mention insurance and stuff.

    But it was most likely stolen - the buyer wouldn't be going that fast around a corner.
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    You should be forced to take some sort of advanced driving school if you want to buy a car like that. Itd be soooooo stupid if that was the owner.
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    Sick cildren!
    People's misery.
    When a child is crying.
    Everything bad and sad :cry: :cry:

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    Maybe the buyer paid cash, was on his way to the insurance office to get coverage and had no experience with this kind of car. :devil:
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