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Things to ask the director of Medical Physics program?

  1. Sep 4, 2007 #1
    Hello all! I am a fourth year undergraduate physics/math major and I've had my eyes on graduate work in medical physics for about 3 years now. In a few weeks I'm going to be meeting with the radiation sciences director at our health sciences school here at my university about applying to the graduate program for a M.S. in Radiological Medical Physics.

    It is a VERY competitive program here...usually about 8 people accepted per year out of the 60+ applicants. I've done all I know to do as an undergraduate academically to improve my chances of getting in (3.9 GPA, completed research with published results, worked as a tutor as an undergraduate, etc..), so now it's down to meeting with them and hopefully making a good impression that will make them look at my application a little more closely.

    What types of things should I ask? Of course I want to know about employment opportunities in the department for graduate students, job placement assistance, meet with some faculty and students (time permitting), and learn a little more about the selection process for applicants to determine if there is any last minute things that can be done to help my chances (do they want letters of recommendation from professors or from clinical physicists, or both?).

    What are some things I should know about this, from your experiences? This isn't an interview exactly, but close enough. Just some ideas of things to ask or bring up to really reinforce my interest in the program and my seriousness as a student seeking admission.
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