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Things to do

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    Me and 5 of my friends are on vacation now. I wanted to orginize something that we could do together. I personally would enjoy solving riddles and stuff but not all (4) of my friends are that nerdy. On the other hand, going to the beach or on a hike and stuff are out of the question as are movies. Do you guys have any ideas? (even small things could help pass some time)
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    Where are you vacationing? Maybe there's some cool place around you or if you are surrounded by nature, you may go, explore and admire. At last if you are in the most boring place in scale of excitement 1-10 - 1 then play chess :) Talk, ask, debate :rolleyes:

    p.s Why do you say they're nerds?
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    when we went on my road trip we wanted to make a scavenger hunt. we never got around to it, but we made a list of random stuff we didn't think you could find. and then we were gonna take pictures when we found it.
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