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Think tank job.

  1. Sep 2, 2012 #1
    What kind of jobs can I do were I would solve random math or physics problems or work in some kind of think tank. And were could I get a job? More specific the better.
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    There are many kinds of think tanks.

    One example of a military "think-tank" is the RAND corporation.

    You have a lot of these kinds of entities that focus on particular areas like economical, military, geo-political amongst others.

    You also have special conferences and meetings that gather together leading people from a variety of different fields that discuss a wide range of things not limited to one specific area.

    There also analysts of all kinds within agencies like the NSA.

    You also have academics who do a lot of consultancy work with a wide range of other entities like corporations and the government.

    One example of a mathematician who did a lot of consultancy work with both large corporations and the military was John Von Neumann and he is not the only one.
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    Using Von Neumann as an example is like telling someone interested in getting into basketball to look at the career of Michael Jordan. It's not likely to be relevant
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    He asked for an example of a think tank guy: Von Neumann was that guy.

    Think tanks want exceptional people and they have the resources and the means to get them.
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    You could work at a community college :)

    You can solve any type of problem from math or science in your own classroom :)
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