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Think twice act once

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    For the past several days there has been a lot of underwater activity going on at the site of the big oil spill.

    Equipment coming down and going up, ROV'S are moving around and apparently installing a lot of equipment for the newest containment attempt

    This one container in particular caught my eye so I snagged it from the video.



    Here is the link for the underwater cams if anyone is interested. Things seem to have quieted down. Hopefully this new contraption works

    http://www.wkrg.com/gulf_oil_spill/spill_cams/ [Broken]
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    Sweet sticker.
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    Yep, neat sticker.

    And, keeping our fingers crossed, yes, I really, really, really hope that new cap makes a bigger difference than the last one until they can get the relief well going and then the further proper stuff in place. Every time I think about that thing my stomach literally feels queasy.
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    Perhaps they aren't thinking at all. I just watched the BP ROV I cutting tie down cables with a circular saw. The cable now is terminally wrapped around the shaft of the saw.

    The saw was mounted on one arm of the ROV. The operator then used the other arm to try and pull the cable loose. It ended up wrapped tighter.

    Edit: Here is a stil pic

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