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Thinking about a major switch

  1. Aug 10, 2005 #1
    I am thinking about switching my double major from Applied Mathematics and Statistics (AMS) and Economics to AMS and Pure Mathematics with maybe a minor in economics.

    I want to keep my two career options open: Actuary or going to grad school

    However I have been hearing from some upper classmen that it is pointless to double major in AMS and MAT and that I may as well just major in MAT. or that I dont need to switch to AMS/MAT double to apply for grad school in mathematics (or maybe even physics)

    any thoughts? i will be entering my sophomore year, so im not technically a declared major yet, but i probably will have to make that decision by the end of this year.
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    well, to help out other people in giving you advice...

    is MAT the pure math program?

    are you interested in doing pure math or applied math in grad school?
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