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Thinking about experiment

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    this is the first time for me to prepare or thinking about the experiment which will be taken on the accerlerator.

    what should be taken into account before experiment?
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    Your question is extremely vague. Try putting yourself in another person's shoes who has no clue in what you are doing, and reread what you just wrote.

    "the experiment" implies that you have a pre-determined experiment to be performed, rather than something that you want us to come up with. Unless you are willing to explain what experiment it is, there's no way anyone can tell you what "should be taken into account".

    "the accelerator" also implies that you will be performing this at a predetermined location. Again, without specifically explaining exactly where in the world this is (at CERN? At A0 at Fermilab? At Spring8? Front end of some synchrotron center somewhere?), how is one able to tell you in advance what to expect?

    [Ok, ok... so I know that I'm being a bit harsh here. But honestly, people, there should be a little bit of thought put into some of these questions we get on here. A poorly-phrased question creates misunderstanding, and wastes time and effort on the part of everyone. You have a question you want answered, and many people here might have such an answer. Let's see if we can do that in just the first shot!]

    Zz [who thinks he has had way too much coffee already]
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    Welcome to PF annaph ! :smile:
    There are so many things to think about before an experiment involving an accelerator, that I bet you must forget at least one :biggrin:

    Make sure you know as much as possible about the several devices along the beam line (injector(s), accelerator(s), target(s) detectors ...). Try to make list of the persons involved and that you know, our that will meet, indentifying the respective functions of the persons, which ones are easily available for help. In case it applies : deepenth your understanding of the physical process(es) studied.
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    thanks for your advises. :smile:
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    it's test beam with Zn beam in 500 MeV/u will take in GSI.
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