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News Thinking About Neoconservatism, by Professor Kevin MacDonald

  1. Feb 2, 2004 #1
    September 18, 2003

    Thinking About Neoconservatism

    By Kevin MacDonald

    Over the last year, there’s been a torrent of articles on neoconservatism raising (usually implicitly) some vexing issues: Are neoconservatives different from other conservatives? Is neoconservatism a Jewish movement? Is it “anti-Semitic” to say so?

    The dispute between the neocons and more traditional conservatives — “paleoconservatives” — is especially important because the latter now find themselves on the outside, looking in on the conservative power structure.

    The complete article is at http://www.vdare.com/misc/macdonald_neoconservatism.htm
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    Yeah yeah...but what do YOU think?!?
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    What do I think? Hmmmmm. Well, I think Professor Kevin MacDonald makes a convincing case regarding who is running the White House: Zionists.
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    Sure, ok, uh huh...and this isn't paranoid conspiracy theory, because....you'll have to talk us through your thinking on this one.
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    Zero, not just jumping on the bash the neocon bandwagon? I'm impressed!!!

    If zionists were running the white house, there wouldn't have been any roadmap, there wouldn't be an outright call for a 2 state solution, and Israel wouldn't be getting decreases in funding because of their wall.
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    I can't say that there aren't Zionists with White House connections, or that those people don't have influence. I'm just saying that there are many influences going on, and you have to fit all of them into your concept of how the White House works.
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