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Thinking is part of reality

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    Thinking is part of reality

    Our educational system and our culture lie to us. We are taught by our educational system and by our culture that there is thinking and there is reality and that thinking’s job is to discover reality; never informing us that reality and thinking go together, one is not separated from the other. Reflexivity is a concept that informs us that thinking is part of reality.

    In the natural sciences truth is of the utmost importance because knowledge of reality is a precondition for success. In human affairs there are shortcuts to success—one can lie, manipulate, spin, and use force to gain success. Thus in human affairs truth often takes a back seat.

    In his book “Open Society” George Soros speaks of many things; one important concept is ‘reflexivity’. “I started thinking in terms of reflexivity nearly fifty years ago. It may be interesting to recall how I arrived at the idea. It was through the footnotes of Karl Popper’s “Open Society and its Enemies”…I started to apply the concept of reflexivity to the understanding of social affairs, and particularly of financial markets, in the early 1960s before evolutionary systems theory was born…”

    The first chapter of this book, wherein he explains this concept, can be found at http://www.businessweek.com/chapter/soros.htm [Broken].
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    I don't agree with your opinion. I still believe thinking is separate from reality, and thoughts will never fully grasp it. You seem to be saying that thinking creates our reality and while that is true somewhat in a social or political environment, it is not true in a universal context, just like you can't think the solar system or the stars into existence. They don't need our thoughts to exist.
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    I suspect that a study of psychology and cognitive science would change your opinion.
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