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Thinking of upgrading the computer - lots of questions

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    The old computer (1ghz, geforce2 graphics) is getting a bit long in the tooth, so I'm thinking about upgrading.

    I'm interested in what people think about the following:

    1) Using socket 754 Sempron processor - the sempron-3000. This will be about 3x as fast as my current machine, and will run AMD cool & quiet. And it will be fairly cheap (about $86 for the procesor). Are there any better suggestions for a "value" processor at the current time?

    2) Newegg has a couple of popular motherboards for the processor. I'm hoping to be able to get away with built-in Nvidia 6100 video. I'm hoping video of this quality will be good enough to run old games, plus newer strategy games like civ4 which my old computer won't handle. Plus the usual less-demandning non-game applications :-)

    If it turns out that at some point I have to get a video card anyway, it won't be a tragedy (the board has a PCIEx16 slot) though the video cards I was looking at (6600 series) were based on the same family of Nvidia chip that the motherboard uses. (The mboard is probably 4x slower as it has only 2 pixel untis vs 8 for the cards I was looking at).

    The specific boards I'm looking at are:
    (asrock k8nf4g-sata2)

    (biostar tforce-6100)

    What sort of Ram to get is a question. About 1 gig seems right - is it worthwhile to spend $40 more to get some very fast 2 CAS ram? (2-2-2-6)

    I hear crucial is a good name, I'm currently looking at


    Am I spending too much on ram for my "value" system, would the $40-50 be better spent elsewhere?

    Finally, the board is a micro-atx size. I think I should be OK on slots (only 4 available, one of which is reserved for video, but I don't need to add much). Do I need to get a new case, or will it fit in my ATX case?

    What wattage of power supply will I need to be able to run the motherboard with capacity for an add-on video card (if it turns out to be needed?). Will have something like a DVD, a CD-RW, 2 HD from old system.
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