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Thinking outside the clox

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    There's nothing wrong with this clock. So what's wrong with this clock?

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    The hour hand points to the halfway point between 1 and 2, but the minute hand does not point to the half hour mark.

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    It's 11:30?
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    jimmy: I stated that there is nothing wrong with the clock. So, you're observant but you didnt follow it through.

    KJH is correct.

    The clock is working perfectly, it's just tilted.
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    I made this puzzle up today. I think if I can polish it a little, it might be more challenging.

    Maybe a more complex clock to create some red herrings?
    Word the teaser a little more subtlely?
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    I can't see the picture. "no permission"
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    Neither can I - and it's my picture...
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    It's not bad the way it is. By the way, you will be able to see the image if you log out.
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    You could always add another factor that's totally unexpected, such as viewing it in a mirror. In which case it's not 11:30, but instead 12:30. But that's being pretty underhanded...

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    Where did you get that "clock"?

    The clock is a semi-metric clock, it has 100 (or 50) minutes to the hour, but still 12 hours to the day. A fully metric clock would have 10 hours per day.

    Very strange. It must not be used to count time, yet has two hands.

    OK, I'll pose one.

    Why is Clockwise clockwise and not the other way round? (To Prof Tipesh, the other way round would be that clockwise is Clockwise!)
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