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Homework Help: Thionyl chloride is the double acid chloride of which acid?

  1. Mar 14, 2005 #1
    1. Thionyl chloride is the double acid chloride of which acid? What are the
    products of its reaction with water?

    I think that it would be benzoyl chloride.
    The products are HCl and HOS(double bonded to O) and single bonded to Cl.

    2. Account for the acidity of the benzenesulfonamides derived from primary

    Would it have anything to do with the fact that in order to crystallize HCl is added. I am not sure why else.

    3. Why is NaOH necessary in the reactions with amines with acetic anhydride or benzenesulfonyl chloride? What would be the results if it were omitted?

    I think one reason is because it allows for determination and distinguishing between primary, secondary and tertiary amines. I am not sure what the results would be if it were omitted.

    Please help. Thank you :bugeye:
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    For question 1. I changed my answer to sulfur dioxide and HCl being formed. Is this correct?
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    Did you go to York University????

    Hey I just read your thread, and those are the exact questions from the York Lab manual. Did you ever find answers to those let me knoww

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