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Third Party Inspection Levels

  1. Feb 17, 2013 #1
    Hi, I would like to share this content with you. This content will be useful for engineers that are involved in the procurement field of industrial equipment.

    This article provides information about third party inspection levels and minimum general requirements of inspection and test activities to be performed for equipment and materials purchased, by the EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contractor and/or the client and inspected by their nominated third party inspection agency inspector.
    These minimum general requirements of inspection are incorporated into the final ITP/QCP (Inspection and Test Plan/ Quality Control Plan) to be prepared by each vendor and approve by the client. The assigned witness / hold points in ITP/QCP may be changed at the EPC contractor's discretion during the course of the work to ensure the quality of equipment and materials. However, any relaxation needs to be agreed in advance with client.
    Equipment and material are inspected by a contractor or client third party inspector within the limit of these levels of inspection described below:
    Level I: Inspection Level I is defined as a full stage inspection carried out progressively from commencement of manufacturing to final acceptance. This does not normally mean full-time witnessed in-line inspections during product manufacturing; however, this may be required on occasions where the work program demands regular attendance. This includes the review/witnessing of source materials’ chemical and physical properties – including metallurgical enhancement and traceability to approved certification level. It also requires verification of the use of qualified welders and qualified welding procedures. Monitor manufacturers' assembly, fabrication and erection and all prescribed tests, check on materials, material traceability, dimensions and finishes, scrutinize manufacturers' quality assurance/quality control system, review/audit witness of non-destructive examinations including alloy verification if required, ensuring that personnel are qualified to perform these examinations, witness all pressure and performance tests followed by inspection of disassembled equipment, if applicable, review/witness all major tests required by approved QA/QC vendor documents, including on and off load tests of machinery or type tests of electrical equipment as required, final visual and dimensional inspection of equipment, review of final data book package in accordance with approved index, verify packing and marking identification and Issue of Final Release Note(s).
    Level II: Inspection Level II is defined as specific stage inspection of equipment and final inspection of equipment prior to shipment. The stages of inspection are agreed upon during a pre-inspection meeting to be held with the vendors after purchase award, and include: Scrutinizing material test certificates, checks of random of materials, dimensions, and finishes. Monitoring of, specific tests and stage inspections. Auditing of the vendor’s quality control program. Witnessing final pressure and workshop performance testing, including on and offload tests as applicable – and simulation of automatisms, followed by inspection of disassembled equipment if required. An final visual and dimensional inspection, and a review of the data book package in accordance with approved index and verification of packing and marking.
    Level III: Inspection Level III is defined as a final condition or as built examination(s) and test(s). Inspection may be on one or more pieces of equipment or on a random batch selection and includes: Review of all quality control records for conformance, witness final pressure and workshop performance testing including running tests, following by inspection of disassembled equipment, if required, final visual, dimensional and painting inspection, review data book package in accordance with approved index, verify packing and marking identification and issue of Final Release Certificate(s).
    Level IV: Inspection Level IV is defined as the review and acceptance/endorsement of the manufacturer's attestation, including any data book requirements to approved index.
    A third party inspection agency inspector performs inspection visits at the vendors’ shops, as well as in their sub-vendors’ shops, at specific stages of equipment fabrication, assembly, testing, painting and packing. Such specific inspection stages are to be determined for each category of equipment in accordance with the finalized/approved inspection and test plan which identifies all inspection, NDT witnessing, and witness testing points applicable to all phases of fabrication, assembly and testing.
    In addition to specific vendor inspection visits, the/an EPC contractor also conducts regular inspection visits in accordance with the frequencies indicated hereafter which are to be understood as minimum frequencies to be applied to each component of each item of equipment. Such frequencies are intended to cover inspection visits by professional inspectors only. Contractors do not combine inspection and expediting functions, nor have them performed by the same individual.
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