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Third World Physics

  1. Sep 11, 2006 #1
    I am a physics graduate student in the philippines... I work to support my studies. In our countrym resources such as good books are too expensive. Is there a way where I can learn physics for free? (such as free links in the net with a proper pedagogical flow) Specially in the field of theoretical physics. Thanks!!!
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    you can find good books relativly cheap on amazon.com (used not new).
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    Any advantage to amazon.com might be wiped out by shipping charges.

    Perhaps the OP lives near a decent library. You can't scribble notes in the margins of the books, but you can at least keep your own notes.
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    You should apply for scholarship to attend Singapore Universities which are a 1st world and among the best in the world. Since its nearby and the medium in Singapore is english yous hud try
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    Thank You So Much Guys!!!
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