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Third Year Undergrad in Need of Advice

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    Third Year Undergrad in Need of Advice!!!

    As what the topic says already, I'm currently a third year undergrad majoring in Materials Science Engineering. I recently switched into the major from biochem because I realize that biology wasn't my thing. Anyway, I'm starting my third year in MSE and I feel a little bit behind. Since I finally found the major that I'm comfortable with, I just starting on my upper divs besides my intro class to material science.

    So, I need some advice. I currently have a low GPA < 3.0 (due to bio classes) and I'm kind of scared of my options. Instead of moping about my GPA, what are some suggestions that I can focus on that can better my chances on a grad school or work? Or I'm just sort of doomed until I bring my GPA up.
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