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This experience

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    i have a sort of feeling that when i indulge in some bad or objectionable activity which i am not supposed to do....after getting into it i forget about its badness....i really become kind of obsessive and it begins to come to me as thing that gives me pleasure...i am not pointing about addiction but rather on something like why it happens that i/we forget about harmfulness of the things....

    Do you guys have similar experience...and how do you handle it!

    and activities can be like smoking,watching movies,chatting with gals ...like these are the things which take me away...
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    I believe this happens to everyone.

    I certainly feel that way everytime...

    EDIT: lol, when I think about the past 17 years of my life... How am I still alive? Seriously, there were so many times where I could see myself having been killed....
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    Sounds perfectly normal to do this.

    There is no way to handle it. Just enjoy it. :biggrin:
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    How about things you do that no one else knows you're doing? I go to Burger King in the a.m. for breakfast a couple of times a week. I enjoy this indulgence.
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    Umm thats not so good for you but you must enjoy life! You have to ask yourself do you want to die old and healthy or happy? Sometimes you can have it all and other times you can not. Little indulgences I think are good as long as we don't think or analyse them too much
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    It also comes down to what you consider wrong, as opposed to what others consider wrong. If it doesn't bother you, then who cares if it bothers someone else. If I'm smoking outdoors, for example, and someone gives me **** for messing up his space, my response is "I'm the one with advanced emphysemia. If I don't care about my own health, what the hell makes you think that I'd care about yours?"
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    interesting responses everyone....thanks!
    Actually the basic problem is that i am very very obsessive about whatever i do....like i used to miss my classes,food and anything ...at times like when i am watching movies or reading some novel...anything out there ...i mean even important things cant break my continuity...that certainly means i am not ambitious but i normally get into pleasure seeking activities and forget everything....and above all fears etc. seems to me like have gone...may be i really dont care abt anything happening to me...but that doesnt mean that i dont understand things...may be i am caught in some kind of vicious circle.....but i hardly find anything motivating to myself....i guess they arent symptoms of depression..if they are then i guess that state has become phenomenal to me....
    Also i wasnt in the mood of making this thread because whatever problems are i know,,and whatever solutions are i guess i even know them....but even then i went ahead and made it...dont know why!
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    Mmm, watching movies and chatting to girls. You're going to hell.
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    :biggrin: been there many times!
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