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This forum is right for me.

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    I am a graduate of a 4 year degree in Physics education and participating into this forum is right for me. Hope to participate soon in the discussions here.
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    Welcome to PF, angelie21! It's a great place, hope you like it here.
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    We are looking forward to your participation! :smile:
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    Welcome angelie21. You will soon discover a great community on PF, with ancient traditions. Do you like fish ?
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    Welcom new PFer :biggrin:

    P.S. Sure you have to like fish! In order to be accepted as a new member :devil:
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    hi, welcome..
    looking forward...
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    Hello, thank you everyone for welcoming me here. Hope to catch up with your discussions soon.
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    I have got one question...
    Why do you study Physics?
    I guess the reason can't be money :D
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    Hi, Oloria. Actually in my high school years I do like chemistry and my physics grade is very low. When I entered college and take the entrance exam I got a high score in physics that's why they give me Physics as my course. In my first year it's really a struggle but when as years pass I realize that physics is the most lovable and likable subject that you can study.
    Why did you ask me about money thing?
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    I didn't ask. I just mentioned it because of my psyche. Never mind.
    I suppose there are many people that study (or studied) Physics. Why did you choose Physics, folks?
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