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This House Would Nip-Tuck

  1. Dec 4, 2005 #1
    Just had this motion given to me as the one I must oppose in a Senate Debating Competition.

    Was hoping you wise-seeing oracles could cast some original light on this issue.
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    Well, unfortunately, we're not enough of oracles here to read your mind. You actually need to post the issue. :biggrin:
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    The issue is :

    "This house would nip-tuck" i.e. is cosmetic surgery right?
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    There are some for whom it should be mandatory.
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    I'm amazed at what congress sees fit to legislate on.
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    I was so excited thinking this was gonna be about the show Nip-Tuck. Love that show.
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    Oh! That seems an odd way to describe the topic. :bugeye: I didn't understand at all what houses and "nip-tuck" have to do with one another. :rofl: I thought it might be something about home improvement. :uhh:

    Keep in mind that there are generally two types of cosmetic surgery, and this might help you with preparing your position and arguments. There is cosmetic (plastic) surgery that can repair congenital defects or injuries; for example, cleft palates or severe burn scars. Then there is cosmetic surgery that is entirely for superficial appearances such as the tummy tucks and facelift type things. I would make sure you address those two categories, because the controversy usually falls on the latter, but people forget about the former.
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    Nip-tuck is taken to mean (I believe for the purposes of tthis debate) on purely cosmetic surgery i.e. rhinoplasts and tucks etc
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    If someone wants cosmetic surgery let them get cosmetic surgery. As long as I don't have to pay for it you can do what ever you want to your body as long as boob enhancement is part of the package.
    I love my new penile implant, and I've gotten nothing but compliments on the turtle tuck.
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