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This is crazy!

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    I have a mid term tomorrow for my controls course. We have 514 pages of material with no formula sheet. We have to memorize everything, including some derivations and Matlab code.

    After this mid term were only doing 2 other chapters. This isnt a mid term, its a damn final exam!

    At this point, he could give a simple answer and I might get it wrong just because there is so much crap to remember.

    He told us his exam is going to be a 'time trial'...:rolleyes:

    One chapter we didnt even have homework from yet, and another chapter the homework is due the same day as the exam.

    This is crazy. I have a feeling the curve will be HUGE.:surprised :surprised
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    Let me know what it is when you find out!

    Good luck too!
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    I can do all the material. I just cant remeber this MUCH material. Good god.

    Quite appropriately, when I woke up my alarm clock was playing Glenn Frey - The Heat Is On 85'

    The soundtrack to Beverly Hills Cop. :rofl:
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    I have an exam tomorrow morning and we are covering about 2 weeks of material. Sadly I don't expect to do well on the exam, as the homework has been tough for me, and so having such a small amount will probably hurt me. Luckily I am one of the best students in the class, so I should be near the top if it comes down to a curve. Still kind of weird.

    Good luck to you! (and me)
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