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This is incredibly frustrating.

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    Every time I see this topic and said discussion, I always have to attempt to prove that evolution has theoretical and practical basis, and that ID does not.

    Oh, and of course, the random idiot saying "Both require faith". I just want to *insert stuff you'd see in a random horror movie here, only to his mind* here =|

    How should I go about either A: Proving my point right, or B: avoiding these stupid topics in the first place?

    Also, should I be bursting in laughter, or crying over the insurmountable idiocy spewing forth from this topic?
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    the link doesnt work...

    and it does requier faith, faith in your eyes, some has faith in imagination.

    i'd chose beliving my eyes.
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    :rofl: AHHAHAHAAHAHAHAH did you read the subtitle of that picture?
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    So that people don't wonder why you're talking to yourself...yes, I saw the subtitle of the picture, and the content, and it has been deleted.
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    Woops! I did not notice the subtitle :redface:
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    Dang. I missed it completely. I'm always late to the party...
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    :rofl: That's ok, I already talk to myself. That picture was so wrong on so many levels.......:surprised
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