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This Is My Favorite Forum

  1. Jul 13, 2003 #1
    This Is My Favorite Forum!!

    I gotta say this is my favorite forum! I belong to a number of forums relating to Cars (bmw m3), Everquest (fantasy role playing), Health and Wellbeing, Tropical Travel (hawaii, carib, s.pacific), Scuba Diving, General Aviation, Stocks, ..um porno (just a bit, cuz im married).

    One thing I hate though, I WISH THERE was more activity at www.physicsforums.com!

    The everquest forum (a game I play) new threads in the general category can dissapear in the history list within a couple of hours!Thats how many people are there!

    I would like to get more people posting from other boards im on without sounding like a spammer.

    Anyway, this place gets the mind working and learning and its fun too!
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    oh like the porno forum really gets the mind working
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