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I This is why I like Mathpages!

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    I have to be perfectly honest here, I haven't checked this (lack of stamina), but thought I'd post it for awareness.

    From the Field Equations to the Kruskal Metric

    Tyre-kicking of the highest order!
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    FYI, there are a number of papers that did very rigorous derivations along this line years before math pages existed. While I generally have a good opinion of Kevin Brown (author of mathpages), there are times when he over philosophizes and over complicates things that can be treated much more simply. I think the single best free online intro to GR is Sean Carroll’s lecture notes.
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    To put it bluntly, Carroll's notes are just too hard, and too theoretical for my taste. I think the only part I understood properly was the effective potential orbit stuff. Mathpages suits me because it is like a giant set of worked examples, which I think is necessary if you are not surrounded by professors, text books and other students.

    Kevin Brown's range is truly colossal, free to read, and more suited to my learning level. As a parting shot, aimed at the forum in general, here are three separate articles on infinite grids of resistors . . . !
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