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This omen, what does it mean?

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    a couple of years ago i saw a wolf in the sky (made of clouds). It was just as big as me or bigger, its nose pointing in my direction. It was sort of staring at me. Is it as in Harry Potter or not that bad? I am asking because I am certainly not dead!
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    Do You beleive in Harry Potter??
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    I'd say that the cloud was probably trying to tell you that the air mass was unstable, and rose due to its relatively low density, and condensation around nuclei began when water reached its dew point. Maybe it was trying to alert you to the presence of shear stresses from winds, contorting it into the shape you saw? Spooky, eh?
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    It's just that it was so very detailed, it looked more like a wolf than a wolf does, its face pointing in my direction as said. Is it an omen?
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    Consider yourself privileged to have witnessed a natural phenomenon few humans have actually seen.

    This is, IMO, the stuff that superstition&omens are made of:
    Fantastically complicated/rare natural phenomena which seem inexplicable to us.

    But, why do you have to regard it as an omen?

    Can't you just build up some enthusiasm about the REAL WORLD you're living in, that nature itself is the most wonderful place of all; why do you NEED to believe in some supernatural place/happenings at all?
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    Did I forget to mention that this was one of those times that i looked up in the sky alone and that does not happen very often.

    If it isn't an omen then I also want to know about it and who said I belive in a supernatural place/happenings?. there is nothing supernaturall since the word itself forbids it, ain't I right? Who says what's natural and not?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    There are belief systems that interpret the world around us as meaningful to our lives in a profound and supernatural sense. Since 90% of the people on this planet believe in some sort of religion, this is the norm. But any such discussion is a "religion" discussion, which is not allowed. :smile:

    Also, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. :biggrin:
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