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This ones way out in left field guys - AI evolution

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    Ok here goes, I was thinking about how to improve artificial intelligence capabilities, and I was in biology and for some reason we were taking about neuron and cell capabilities to replicate DNA in mitosis. And then it hit me, if you could create a small self-contained application that would have to knowledge equivalent to a cells nucleus. And as a such of a nucleus, and the required enzymes it would be able to interpret the nucleotide codes ATGC so that you could interpret different "personalities". And you would be able to enter a sequence of codes that would equal that of a humans. Of course you would have to have extensive knowledge of a cell nucleus and you would need to create a language specialized for this, but do you think it would be possible????
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    I think you're essentially describing "genetic algorithms," which are a large and already well-explored class of evolutionary algorithms.

    Look on google, you'll find quite a few links...

    - Warren
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