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This or that?

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    Are you one of those who has to mean what you do in real life. Or do you allow yourself to have completely different moral principles compared to what you do in real life? Or which side are you inclined towards?
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    I have found it a helth risk to not stick to my 'moral principles'/ 'ethics'!
    how about you Pace?
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    That's not what I'm asking. Read it again.

    I tend to say more things and principles, believing in me doing much better, fantasise more about it, and rather stay in guilt. But I think it makes me better see political situations, and sometimes it happens to make me suddenly make up my mind in things I never thought I would do.
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    Well now I am confused as to your Q.
    I try to behave the way I truly feel as I have Gained the wisdom that if I do differently! I get physically ill (just trying to clarify my answer) :wink:
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    I was asking if you are one of those who got a lot of moral principles and obligation that can make your life theoretic, but doesn't respond to how you act, and gets you bad conscience.
    Or if you were one of those who doesn't like to have different oppinions to how you act. Many don't like to have oppinions that's not in balance, so to speak, to how they are.
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    I am still not sure Im on the right track!
    I have lots of opinions / (theory) and I try to hold true to my personal ideas of correct behavior. I love finding new ideas on thought and am open to contemplating other peoples ideals/ morals.
    would that be a more correct answer to your Q.
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