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This question I have

  1. Jun 15, 2009 #1
    Hey all, I am new here, so if this question I am about to ask sounds stupid, please go easy on me.

    Anyhow, even though I know this is unrealistic, I am curious about this one thing, and I hope you can help me out by answering this question I am about to give:

    If someone (anyone) could completely negate their inertia (Newton's first law and such), what special abilities would be granted to that person?

    Anyway, to those who answer, thanks.
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    Your question is much more complicated than you might think, since physics is a big machine where removing one piece will make the whole thing break down, unless you replace it with something else.
    If you are talking about 0 inertia and we forget quite a few problems that come with it then any force will accelerate you to light speed instantly. If you are talking about negative inertia, then you have a particle that moves away when you try to pull it close, this can be used as a motor because just pulling something like this will move you forward.
    But you already see perpetuum mobile stuff going on... so the best answer is, unless you know exactly what you want to replace inertia with and how it ties into the idea of force, gravity, and quantum mechanical momentum, there is no good answer.
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    What immediately comes off the top of my head is you basically having massless "particles". We know such particles, ie. photons and gluons for example, all travel at the speed of light.
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