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This quote

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    No matter how close you ever think you are, there is always a infinite distance between.

    Why is it wrong?
    Why is it right?

    I have no experience in physics, but I feel you guys could answer better then anyone else.

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    That's Zeno's paradox. It breaks down on the atomic level.
    You get half-way to your girlfriend, then half of that distance, then half of the remainder, and so on. So you never actually get there... but you can get close enough for all practical purposes. :biggrin:
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    Ranger Mike

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    two reasons the above girl friend scenario will not apply!

    Dolly Parton !!
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    Please don't double-post... :uhh:
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    ... I suddenly feel the urge for experimentation ...
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    Yeah, but assuming constant speed, it also takes you half as long to go through each step, so you end up doing an infinite amount of those half-step moves in a finite amount of time.
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    I can stroll across the street because it's about twenty feet distance. That's finite. The idea that we can divide the distance infinitely (at least mathematically) has nothing to do with actually crossing the physical distance because I'm not being divided (or shrunk down) infinitely. The street isn't being divided. Nor is the sidewalk. These dimensions are set and stable.
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    This is one of many recurring topics. Perhaps there should be a FAQ for these, where the solutions and links to resources are given. Then where a moderator sees that, the OP can be directed there followed by a lock.
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    As this is stated, it is clearly not true. If I am 3 metres, say, from my destination, there is certainly not an infinite distance between us.
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    Even Zeno's paradox isn't really a big deal if you understand that it defines a mathematical situation that isn't physically real.
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    Or that infinite series can be summed.
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