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News This really bugs me

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    How come nobody talks about the 20 year relationship the bush's had with the bin laden's but everywhere you turn you hear obama's(who I'M not voting for btw) relationship with his preacher that will be 'detrimental' to the USA? Last time I checked, Obama's friends did not attack the US, just criticized it the US government. There is a big difference between being depleased with the policies implemented by the US government and showing your distaste for the US by attacking the US. If obama became president today and maintained his relationship with his preacher and lets assume for simplicity the fate of a country depended on your relationship with a person, then the fate of the country would be better off if obama was president rather than Bush.
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    Bush has better PR people.
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    Go ahead and talk about Bush's 20 year relationship with the Bin Laden family. Do you think that Bush was friends with Osama for 20 years? Are you seriously suggesting that Bush knew of Osama's intent and alllowed it to happen?

    BTW... spewing lies, hatred and racism is a little more serious than just criticizing the US Government, unless you think that kind of thing is appropriate as valid criticism. Obama doesn't (lately).
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    Throughout history the Bush family has had business ties with shady characters . George Bush's grandfather, James Prescott bush , just like IBM , held strong business ties with German companies directly linked to Nazism. So I would be surprised if the Bush family was aware of the terrorists ties that were associated with the bin ladens' . Besides ,Even when osama Bin laden orchestrated an attack on the world Trade center back in 1993, the Bush's continue to have at least two more meetings with the Bin ladens .

    I don't think Wright hates his country. He served in the Marine Corps. I cannot say the same for the commentators on Fox news and Conservative talk radio who frequently bash him . Some of his comments about black students exclusively having different learning styles from whites to me were offensive and outrageous. From what I've read, much of what he says about the US government is true. Anyway, whether some might find his statements ridiculous or not, that does not make him any more un-american than the kkk. Americans do not think a like. Nor does having an opinion about the United states government make you more or less american than another person who makes holds an entirely different opinion about the US government.
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    Those would be the Bin Laden's that disowned him in 1994? The sins of the sons are visited on the family? Wow, that attitude is quite medieval.

    What does this mean? I thought the KKK was well known to be un-american. Perhaps http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Un-American" [Broken]

    I'm sure that if you thought about this statement a little more critically, you might want to tweak it here and there. You must be switching between the usual definition of un-american to merely a legal definition. Not too useful IMO. One of the greatest myths of our times is the platitude that that all opinions are equally valid and that there is no real 'truth' behind them.
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    If you compare the nature of the "relationships", you'll have your answer. It's so obvious, in fact, the very question strains credulity.

    It looks ot me like you're just trolling here and we don't have a lot of tolerance for that.
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    Russ, people have made a HUGE deal of Obama sounding like Osama, but you're telling me they're too smart to try and link Bush and Osama, given that the Bin Laden family has ties to the Bush family?

    All it comes down to is that the Bush people are good at PR and they hushed it. Is there anything serious between Osama and Bush? No. But the fact is you can easily make it seem like that, based on what we've all seen in the past. People were made to believe that John McCain had an illegitimate black child, after all.
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    The only kind of un-americans are illegal immigrants. There is no such thing as the 'right' type of american. You are defined as an american if you are a citizen of the US or if you grew up in the united states. Not every american is going to tolerate every fellow american in this country, despicable hate groups like the neo nazi's , the kkk, and many others groups that share striking similarities with the kkk. But , by golly they are just as american as anyone else. You see, the citizens of this great country do not derived from one mold.Much like the terrain of the united state, americans come in all shapes and sizes , holding a wide range of perspectives and values that differ , from state to state, region to region and perso to person. There is no such thing 'ideal' american.

    I never said all opinions are equally valid. There are some things Wright has said that I do not agree with. But the majority should not defined what opinions are equally valid to all americans. If that were the case, We would still be living in Jim Crow south and we will still probably be practicing slavery in this country
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    This guy summed up my last post best :

    When Reverend Wright said God d**n America, he was talking about the US government, not the US citizens. United states and the united states government are not one in the same. The last time I check , if we were not allowed to criticized the US government, we would be in a communist regime/totalitarian state.
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    McCain will find Wright a tempting but dangerous target. Conservative preachers also say a lot of crazy things. The preacher in McCain's wife's church (for example) said that all Catholics are going to hell. That would play really well on National TV... I think it would be difficult for McCain to exploit Wright.
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    some say they are actually friend ;)
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