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This seems to be ultimately why we have war

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    "We make war that we may live in peace"-Aristotle

    As a child I remember thinking that there must be something seriously wrong with our government to have a Vietnam war so did a lot of people. I'm fairly sure this is a good idea of why there is war which is a very good puzzle so don't read it if, like myself, you would prefer to figure it out yourself, or if you prefer to think the world is always a wonderful place.

    The reasons are probably simple for war, there are some people who are born with and nurtured into having a predominence of aggressive emotional drive, often so much so that they learn not to feel or empathize with others but to choose to see everything as someone or something that seeks to take control over them typically in a destructive manner, so this shortsightedness often leads to more self-destructive behavior and destructive of others but the general effect of aggression leads to taking more control of the world and oneself which is a good exchange sometimes, although very rarely a person of this nature turns out to be constructively destructive which is something hardly anyone can master. The cause of this personality type is oppression or prodding to do stuff of the masses of people to too high a degree, or too much control over others and to a high a level of general greed coupled with a lack of understanding of true hate, which spawns a child with parents or one parent intent on getting them good and angry so that the world doesn't take what it did from them...with enough of these factors the masses can produce a high enough yield of warlikes to cause a lot of chaos from within the "system" and a general longing for an outlet or stimulation of that emotion, and when the "system" is threatened there is a general feeling that we need to go to war by the leaders of the system, but also by the warlikes themselves...It is really just simple emotions drives that are at play for the most part in social behavior is my view...but then occasionally you get something like Vietnam which was more about the "system" feeling the need for war not due to an abundance of warlikes but due to too much psychological change and an abundance of non-conformists, by that I mean when the youthful minds(in million) decide to go there on way and reject authority to such extreme they are psychologically attacking the old minds, take for example when you meet a nervous and jittery person, it kind of makes you a bit nervous and jittery doesn't it? And if you really don't like that behavior type you might even come to dislike this person unless you love change, now take that principle and apply it to an entire group of people and you've got a twisted social dynamic at play, and then a draft, and then more hate added to hate on top of hate, until everyone learns the hard way what true hate is.

    So the "system" is people in control or the government, and this can be very good or "very bad", I would guess that when most systems first start out things are "very good" because no one is really in power, everyone starts out about equal and it takes time for people who are allured by fame and power and control of others more so than truth and morality and letting others be and doing what's best for all at often the expense of oneself, anyway it takes time for "social elites"(the first group arbitrarily mentioned) to climb up to the top and push down the good ones(because they aren't like them among other things) and corrupt the system, I don't know if they actually "corrupt the system", but it's just a hunch that if the moral behavior of our social leaders is very low then the system they weild isn't likely to be as effective because greed and chaos is more productive in a small amount, morality and order should be in greater quantity, anyway that's the way I equate these things.

    One of the few gleaming benefits of going to war as far as I know is learning to understand one's emotions, learning to understand real hate and evil and just how much so we have the capacity in all of us to do dumb things, so often a soldier returning from war ends up creating more psychological stress on the "old minds" to better their ways often without saying a word, it is this emotional understanding that leads to greater peace after a new generation has been in the hell of war, it almost makes me want to enlist, but what if a war is unjust and motivated for the wrong reasons? Could the results be more harmful if our leaders were guided by false motives, or simply didn't have enough of the details? Would they ever even start a "just" war on purpose? For the greater good of course, I don't know personally, but it's hard to trust on good faith a corrupt government. So by increasing the general level of societies understanding of order and chaos the result is greater prosperity, typically... money is basically a tab on who is in control of efforts, real wealth is generated by getting lots of people to give effort in the proper directions so I disagree that war feeds the rich, that sounds more like a truth of minor importance in these times, although it's a good way to keep people in line if you want to maintain your social status on the system it's founded in.

    In retrospect I couldn't see the value of Vietnam, it is mostly a shame and a big lie, but it could have been a much more brutal civil war or a revolution, which was probably the fear...so if this is true then I think we are somewhat moving in the right direction, more accepting and understanding, in that most people can see that our dislike of gay people was wrong and is about control and narrow-mindedness motives, and it's little things like this that make you wonder why wasn't the law given to them also and long ago anyway? So this is my general idea on war feel free to add to or dispel my faulty notions, and it's roots and the effects of war on people and the systems which use wisely or abuse it's people sometimes and I doubt it makes any difference if it is closer to the truth, I mean Aristotle said it 2500 years ago, sheesh, people hear whatever they want.
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    What I find is that most wars arise due to greed for wealth. Yes, it's about peace alright...a piece of the pie.
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    In my opinion, people have wars because it seems to be an easy and practical way to resolve a situation. With diplomacy, you may end up with complicated drawn out negotiations, compromises which may be far from what you intended. Or it may turn out that your initial situation was simply wrong and that there is no way you can get to what you desire by talk. Wars meanwhile seem to be a pretty direct route, to be brutal in its simplicity. Wars exist mainly as a means to an end.

    The point at which a state becomes a militaristic state which is likely to start a war is the point at which killing is considered on the same level, or even above that of other approaches to policy. By then, ethical concerns will have long fallen by the wayside.
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