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This should be entertaining.

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    Find an anagram generator on the net and post the most interesting anagram for your name.

    http://www.mi.uib.no/~ingeke/anagram/index_eng.html [Broken]

    For example, 'Physics Forums' can be rearranged to make:

    "Cushy from piss"


    My favorite from my own name, is "Rat victim paranoia." I learned this right after finishing 1984. :surprised
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    pattylou, ouch, who is feeling bad today. :rofl:
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    Muster that whang! :smile: :rofl:

    estrum that whang!
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    Arse my strove!

    enjoy smash trover
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    For some reason, the generator skipped over "demonical as data," but I like that one.
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