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This Week in Science - online science radio program

  1. Jul 14, 2005 #1
    Hi All,

    Wanted to take a moment to introduce our radio show “This Week in Science”.

    This Week in Science (TWIS) is an irreverent look at the week in science and technology news. Each week we discuss the latest events in science and technology in a way that is entertaining yet informative. The show is hosted by Kirsten Sanford, a PhD candidate in neuroscience; and Justin Jackson, a smart-alek part-time washing machine salesman & full-time quantum physics aficionado.

    TWIS has been radio broadcasting for over five years on KDVS 90.3 FM at the University of California, Davis. The show is also available online via archived MP3s at our website http://www.twis.org as well as through 'podcasting' on iTunes.

    For those of you not familiar with it, podcasting is a convenient way to receive the online audio broadcasts since you only need to subscribe one time – after that the latest episode of the broadcast is automatically downloaded to your computer so you can listen to it at your convenience. Here’s a link with instructions on how to receive the TWIS Podcast for any who are interested: http://www.twis.org/podcast_subscribe.html

    If you have any questions, comments, or recommendations please contact either myself or the show producer Kirsten Sanford at kirstenATthisweekinscience.com. We try to reply to every email we receive and welcome all criticism (constructive or otherwise).

    Hope you enjoy the show.

    Marshall Clark
    Technical Director
    This Week in Science - The Weekly Science Radio Show
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