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This will teach me not to drink anymore

  1. Oct 31, 2005 #1
    Oh man, worst night of life. I had too much to drink and fell off a six foot brick wall into some bushes and on to my left foot and twisted my anckle, holy crap it hurt. I had to hop all the way off campus to my dorm and go through a night of agony. Then wake up in the morning and hop all the way to the university health center and get my foot rapped up. Oh and people didn't laugh at me hopping in agony trying to get to the health center, jerks. Now I'm on crutches and they suck! They are killing my chest because I recently had an operation on my chest. Damn, I takes my 40 minutes instead of 10 to walk to classes. Argh, and the walk is like a work out, I have to stop and rest every 100ft or so. Oh man, and these crutches keep peeling off the bandaids on my wrists and opening up my scratchs, they're all raw and bleeding. To top it all of, I have a cold from this cold front that hit us over the weekend. So in addition to my foot being messed up, my nose is stuffy, and my troat and head are killing me. Well, at least the doctor gave me some extra strength perscription drugs to dope me up.

    I think I should stop drinking.
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    I sympathize
    I fractured my elbow tuesday except i was sober,
    I bet a friend of mine I could run over the top of my car as he drove at me at 20mph, yeah that didnt work out too well.

    Oh well, live and learn.
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    Pours hot soup into Entropy's computer for the cold & sore throat, places a bag of ice on the sprained ankle and smacks Entropy across the back of the head for getting drunk and almost getting killed. :grumpy:

    I'm glad you weren't seriously injured.
  5. Oct 31, 2005 #4
    I want to swear off drinking for ever, but I don't think I can (my roomate makes that almost impossible). I'm going to try and limit myself to no more than three drinks a I night. I don't worry to much about the physical risks of drinking as much as the mental ones. If I'm going to be a physist I need as many brain cells as possible, and playing games like beer pong aren't helping. I seriously have nightmares about drinking making me permanently stupid, probably because everyone of my floor is a crazy beer-drinking jock and I'm scared I'm going to turn into one.
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    Oh ouch! What a horrid punnishment you have given yourself, no need for me to say anything. Hope you feel better soon.
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    Oh, geez, you really learned the hard way on that one. At some point, you just have to learn to say, "No thanks, no more." It's all part of growing up I'm afraid. At least you have the best excuse in the world: "Last time I got drunk, I wound up on crutches." You shouldn't need such an excuse, but sometimes it helps when dealing with the crazy party animals who think you should be drunk off your arse every weekend.

    Feel better quickly.
  8. Oct 31, 2005 #7
    Gives him another{gentle} smack on the back of the head..."just cause".
  9. Nov 1, 2005 #8
    Yeah, drinking too much has it's dangers. I have lots of stories about that. "Partying will get the best of you". Good luck in trying to overcome it! Don't end up like me knowing nothing because you partied all the time!"
  10. Nov 1, 2005 #9
    My Dad is an alcoholic so, at this point in my life, I hate alcohol. I have no desire to drink ever, even if only a little while with friends. He flipped his car over into a bank in August of this year, has hit my mother a few times (Years ago, he stopped after December 24th of 1997 when he choked my mother after her father died. Let me just say- Best. Christmas. Ever.:grumpy: ), and almost hit two cars trying to take a friend of my brother's home just last month.

    He can't sit down and have just one drink. He has to get drunk, it's like it's inevitable. It disgusts me. I'd have to suggest stopping before it gets any worse than your recent run in with the ground.
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