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Thomas Jefferson high school

  1. Nov 22, 2015 #1
    I have looked up many resources on how to get into Thomas Jefferson high school there is a very long test you have to take. I would like to get in but the resources do not work. If anyone knows any please help. Also sorry about my grammar mistakes I Amin a bit of a rush.
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    There are likely 100s of Thomas Jefferson High school's. Which are you talking about? Have you called them up?
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    I wonder how many schools in the U.S. are named Thomas Jefferson? Do you think that you could narrow it down?
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    Oopssorry about that I am talking about the one located in Alexandria Virginia.
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    This is a very specific request that I doubt anyone here can answer. Best bet is to simply call them and ask :)
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    Which resources, and what exactly do you mean by "do not work?"

    If it's a web site that doesn't seem to work properly on your computer, tell us a link to the site, and which computer or device, which operating system and browser you're using, and someone might be able to help.
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