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Thompson cross section for protons?

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    I have read about "Thompson Cross section for free electrons"
    My problem is there must be the other cross sections
    photons are scattered by free electrons.
    photons must be scattered by aka protons and as well by alpha particles.
    Is there any defined cross sctions for the other particles as well as free electrons?
    I have to understand this
    Thanks to everybody
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    You can calculate cross sections for any scattering process that involves elementary particles using Feynman diagrams and Quantum Field Theory. A great introduction to this is in Griffiths, "Introduction to Elementary Particles" [1], where he develops an "illustrative" example called ABC theory to show you how to use Feynman diagrams.
    Take a look into any book that introduces elementary particles.

    [1] David Griffiths, "Introduction to Elementary Particles," ISBN: 0471603864
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    Let me give a real example:
    There is an Iron Atom: It consists 26 electons and 26 protons.
    If an electron has a cross section 0.66E-28 m2
    What would an Iron Atom has a cros section?
    Maybe 52 times 0.66E-28m2 ?
    This is the questions.
    Can we make an analogy like in the link below?
    Thanks for the answer
    I am studyin on your suggestion
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