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Thorium tetrakisaminodiborane?

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    Wiki says that the thorium atom is bonded to 15 hydrogens? How does this even work? Any diagrams on the molecular structure?
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    Parsing the name of the compound, Thorium tetrakisaminodiborane, there are more atoms in it than just thorium and hydrogen. 'Borane' let's you know to look for some boron, and 'amino' tells us that some nitrogen is in there too. 'Borane' is BH3, and 'diborane' is two of these, B2H6. 'Aminodiborane' is formed by substituting NH2 for one of the hydrogen atoms in the diborane, thus B2H5NH2. 'tetrakisaminodiborane' implies there are four aminodiboranes, so (B2H5NH2)4, which is a lot of other stuff besides just hydrogen.

    Looking at a search of this compound name, I think it is some factoid about thorium being bonded to 15 hydrogens which got released onto the internet some months back and is still popping up now and then.

    I can't find the full structure easily, but it's more complicated than just ThH15, which is ridiculous.
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