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Thought experiment - micro gate

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    This baffles me, because the device outlined below could create energy ...

    Theres two tanks A & B with a microscopic gate between them

    Air in A & B starts at say 25 degrees

    whenever a faster than average moving molecule approaches the gate in A a sensor opens the gate and lets in pass into B
    If a slow moving molecule approaches the gate from B, the sensor opens the gate and allows it into A

    So perhaps after time t, the air in A is at 23 degrees and the air in B is at 27 degrees

    In theory the 'sorting gate' could be a very low energy device.
    The temp difference between A & B could be used to drive a heat engine and get energy out.

    Where is the flaw in this theoretical argument? I cant find one. In theory particle sorting could be done to generate heat differences??
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