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Thought process: raw thouhts

  1. Aug 16, 2004 #1
    I've noticed that when I think verbally, each thought comes in two distinct stages. First, I get a kind of "instinctive" (not sure if this is the right word - it's rather hard to describe) idea of what it is I have to say (or rather, to think). This doesn't come in the form of words, but is more like a "raw" thought. Then, I "say that outloud" within my head. This is kind of like talking to myself, but just inside my head.

    If I pay attention to this, I can get myself to stop at the 1st stage, and skip the 2nd stage entirely. This allows me to think much faster, since the 2nd stage usually takes much longer than the 1st. Unforetunately, if I do that, my thoughts become rather fragmented and unclear. It's as if the signal from the 1st stage is too weak to properly register where necessary.

    I haven't noticed this for other types of thinking (visual, auditory, etc.), but I wouldn't be surprised if something similar is going on in those cases as well. Has anybody else noticed anything like this?
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