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Thoughts about entering astronomy/physics from an unrelated field, 2nd degree etc

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    Hello there! First post but I figure I'll get right into it. A lot of thoughts and I'd just like to see if anyone has done or seen anything similar. In 2006 I graduated with a BA in Radio, TV, & Film. I worked as a recording engineer (my initial career goal) for a few years, decided I liked eating and now for several years I've doing web support type stuff for a large music publisher. It's a job, but there really aren't any career paths in the media world proper that really interest me now. It's time I push things in a direction I want to go.

    While in college, my love for physics and astronomy grew. The thought of switching paths occurred, but I still pursued the music/production route. No reason for regrets, as long as I take action. You get one chance on this Earth, and I'm at a point that a major career and life change is needed if I want to pursue things that are worthwhile to me.

    The goal - Career wise, I'd love to work within the astronomical sciences, public outreach and/or education. The phd/research science is a route I'd really need to think about and if it'd be the right thing. I just don't rule anything out this early.

    Since I have a bachelors already, I'd love to stroll into a masters program. Of course, a RTVF degree isn't exactly the road to graduate level physics work. This is why I'm considering going back and pursing a 2nd bachelors in physics and potentially graduate study. I'm sure a lot of my undergrad core work might transfer over, but I still need the math and physics foundation. Oh the math, I'll need a lot of work. It's been a few years and although it was in the Arts and Science dept., a media degree didn't require all that much. I'm in North Texas and surrounded by several universities, although most are physics programs with some astronomy. Not necessarily astronomy undergrad degrees. Of course I'm open to other institutions as well.

    I suppose I'm just seeing if anyone else has done it or has advice for starting from a different field, how to prepare etc. I've heard advice from "go for it" to a 2nd Bachelors is moronic. I have no student debt (thanks mom, dad) but would need aid and try to figure out how to go back to school and work enough to live etc. Thanks, I'm excited and looking at a lot of options.
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    Thanks, Lisa! I figured it had come up. I did a bit of searching. Great links!
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