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Thoughts balloon rocket launch

  1. Oct 22, 2012 #1
    I have been thinking, weather balloons can go quite high (some up to 1000ft) so would it be possible to take 4 or 5 weather balloons and attach them to the corners of a frame. in the centre of the frame would be a rocket ready to launch at a set altitude. the only problem i can think of is would it be too cold for liquid flue to ignite at that altitude (so maybe solid flue?) any way what are your thoughts. if this idea has any merit then are there any people in the UK who would like to collaborate to get it off the ground so to speck?

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    Simon Bridge

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    i did have a little look on the net but i came up empty
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    Launching from altitude saves on total fuel required to reach orbit. Balloons can go much higher than you indicate. But so far, taking an airplane ride for an air launch seems a better idea. A few systems have done that. They can be placed with more precision and they can impart an initial velocity in approximately the right direction.
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