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Thoughts on a cloudy, rainy day

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    Sitting here on this cloudy, rainy day causes my mind to wander. In the voids of space, with no atmosphere, is it cold? If so, how? I thought cold was a measurment of AIR temperature; if no air, how could it be cold? Also, if Spring is nearing why don't I feel more enthusiastic about things? Also, why does a cat "krap" in its own yard while a dog will at least go to the neighbors yard and do its business?
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    "coldness" is a measure of the lack of heat. Heat as far as you are concerned is usually only present when matter is present. So the lack of matter creates the lack of heat, thus making it "cold."

    I think animals do certain things for territoriality.

    but on the whole, i have no idea why things do the things they do!, physics only explain the "what is", nothing explains the "why".
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    Why can't i lie on the roof of my house in the blazing sunshine.

    thats what i ask myself
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    jimmy p

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    i dont understand why when it is 25-30 degrees outside, we think its hot, and our body tells us its hot, when our body temperature is 37 degrees.
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    OK. I'll bite.
    Why can't you?
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    Probably too many mosquitos. Or at least that's what happens down here in Florida (hate having to go onto roof)
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