Thoughts on Columbia Neuroscience/ Electrical Engineering?

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I have applied to Columbia PhD program in EE. They have a computational neuroscience group called Bionet (only one professor) which is based in the Electrical Engineering Department which I am very interested in. If I get accepted I will be able to start school in January.

When I look at US News, I see that Columbia's EE program isn't terribly high rated. I am debating whether I should hold out to get into a more prestigious program.

My application is moderately strong: Double degree math (gpa 3.8) and EE (gpa 3.3), GRE: 790Q/530A/4.5, some signal processing research experience, intern experience at Boeing, and I just took the Math Subject Test which I think I will score about 65-70 percentile.

Thing is, if I hold out I will just be sitting around for 7+ months waiting for school to start again, which I have been doing for about 9 months now (ugh).

Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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