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Thoughts on Dark Matter

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    Most people come up with their own internal reasoning for things like this that have not been explained. I was curious on the community's various opinions and theories on this subject. I think it would be a fun exercise to help each other evolve our own theories on things like this.

    Standard wiki link:
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    Do you have a specific question?
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    Yes, I was asking what you think is the explanation behind dark matter? Do you have a theory to offer or explore?
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    There is a fine line here between personal speculation and discussing published research. The former is not allowed according to forum rules (assuming I remember and interpret them accurately).

    I could try to give you a short summary of the published theories that are most popular in the physics community if that is something that would interest you, but the best place to start for that would probably be the Wikipedia page.
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    As Orodruin said, personal theories and ideas are not allowed to be discussed here. If you have any questions on what dark matter is to mainstream astronomers, feel free to ask.
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    That seems like a strange rule for the forum to have, why is that the rule?
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    This forum is for discussing mainstream scientific theories and concepts. Discussion of personal ideas and theories rarely accomplish anything and tend to attract crackpots, so they are not allowed.
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