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Thoughts on grad programs

  1. Apr 23, 2008 #1
    So, I am finishing my undergrad (physics) this year and have several offers from graduate schools. What I am looking for is some insight as to what career appears to be better as far as job opportunities and pay.

    I am equally split on which program I like more, so that has become a non-factor. All the schools are also very decent in their respective fields. So I need advice as far as these two programs:

    Biomedical Engineering (imaging track) or Medical Physics (therapeutic track)!!!

    Any and all opinions are welcome!!!

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    How hard would it be, if I chose biomedical engineering, got my PhD or MS, and decided to jump ship and go into a career in medical physics?
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    I think you should pick whichever field interests you more. Are you more interested in patient care or the design and development of imaging equipment and technology?
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