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Courses Thoughts on MIT OpenCourseWare

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    Hey all,

    I've had some posts in the past related to pursuing a MSME or MSEE after receiving a BSMET. I've met with the ME and EE departments at my undergrad and they've given me a good idea of the course deficiencies I would need to make up. Since my BS was in Engineering Technology, I'm in the process of taking some of the calc that I missed out on to start with. I'm currently taking calc 2 for a refresher, and then planned on taking calc 3 (multivariable, which I never took in my MET program). I recently stumbled upon MIT OCW and have found that some of the courses I need to take are offered on OCW with full content and information from an actual class - everything I would need is there.

    That said, if during the application process a grad program looked at my undergrad background and didn't see an official grade for, say, calc 3, but I absorbed all the knowledge through OCW self study, would they most likely make me retake it at a college? I know sometimes courses can be waived through job experience, so I don't see how this would be any different. I could take it in the spring but would like to save the money if possible. However I don't want to not take it officially if I need to. Ultimately I'll check sometime soon with the departments I had spoken with earlier. In the meantime...thoughts?
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    If it's a required course, yes they would. However, these things tend to be very negotiable, so you might be able to work something out with the department.

    Any money you save is money that the college loses. If you remember that, this will go a long way into understanding why the rules are what they are.
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