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Thoughts on my Website

  1. Jul 24, 2013 #1
    Hey everyone!

    I spent a lot of this summer developing a personal website for myself. It hosts some computer games I’ve developed as well as some other programming projects I have done as well as blog articles.

    The website is: www.clintonmorrison.com

    You can play the games I created at: www.clintonmorrison.com/games.html

    What do you think of the design and layout of the site? Is there anything about the site I should change? Also, if you try one of the games I made let me know what you think of it!

    Thank you!
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    Looks good Clint. Nice and simple. Just make sure you keep your blog up to date. Cheers!
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    Blinky the Fluffy Chicken!!
    That's cool.

    Site looks good, neat and organized.
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    Nicely done. Very crisp look and well organized.
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    Thanks for the positive comments everyone!
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    Nice site Clinton. I've never gotten around to writing Java games but, I look forward to digging through the code for yours. Binky the chicken looked clean and played well. :smile:
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    Thanks! You're welcome to do anything you want with the source code!
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